Лен семена, Одесса

семена льна для продовольственных целей,урожай 2011

влажность 10%

сор 2%

Our company exports from Ukraine products non GMO: flax,
millet, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds in the black and white stripes,
sorghum, coriander, yellow corn,chickpeas, yellow peas, walnuts
We supply products,that were processed and packing in our manufacturer.The manufacturer "RUTA"deal with farms directly and has a logistic service, we can provide you with good prices for the goods and delivery.

This product can be delivered: in containers, in bags 15kg.,
25kg., 50kg or bulk.Can be packaged in bags with the logo of
the company of the customer.
  • Контакт: Арнаут Юрий
  • Организация:
  • Тел.: +380 (67) 9179076
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